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What is an IPv4 Address?

An IPv4 address is the fourth version of the Internet Protocol. This is one of the main standard protocols in use on the internet today. Historically IPv4 was first used in 1983 on ARPANET. Most internet traffic is still routed through IPv4, despite efforts for IPv6 to succeed it.

IPv4 addresses typically use 32 bit address space which contains 4,294,967,296 unique addresses, however large subnets are reserved for special networking setups.

IPv4 creates rules for connecting computer networks on the basis of exchanging packets. This is the protocol which establishes a connection between different mobile devices, computers and servers. IP packets carry all the information. A packet consists of two large parts, a data part which carries the information as well as a header which ensures the functionality of the protocol. The network layer which IPv4 functions on is called TCP/IP, the main task of this protocol is the transferring of data between an origin host and the destination host, the sending device and the receiving device can both be computers or mobile devices and are identified each by an IP address.

You can use GeoWHOIS to look up IP information as well as the geographical location of the IPv4 address on a map.