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Geo WHOIS is a simple and free online tool that allows you to lookup any IPv4 address using WHOIS with an accurate server geographical location. You will be shown the position on a map, coordinates, country, region, city and the name of the ISP. The geolocation of an internet user can be identified through various ways, such as through GSM signal or through an IPv4 or IPv6 address. Each IP address is also part of a WHOIS database which lists it’s owner. Part of this information is also the geographical location. Due to global nature of the internet, circumstances arise during which you may need to identify which countries users are from. This is particularly useful when identifying any languages your content may need to be translated to or which specific nationality to target with your product or content. Another useful feature of a an ip geo location is a type of fraud check using which you can identify fraudulent users, for instance if they are using a service to hide their IP geolocation using tools such as a VPN. Ideally if it would be possible to locate the accure geographical location of each user each time, this is almost impossible as even a WHOIS database may provide you with old or inaccurate data. However there are tools such as Geo WHOIS which can help you with this using the information available and parsing it into a simple table and geographical map which shows the geo ip location as accurately as possible. For instance by querying the the RIPE WHOIS database it is possible to get access to such information. Geo WHOIS is not limited to just one WHOIS database, we are compatible with all, such as ARIN, APNIC and AFRINIC. A WHOIS database such as the one provided by RIPE provides a way for finding out contact and registration information for a specific IP resource registered with RIPE. Such WHOIS information is available free, based on which the determination of a geographical IP location is quite easily achieved. Organizations such as ARIN or RIPE are used when an Internet Service Provider or an organization requires their own allocation of IP addresses, they are then requested and allocated from their. As there is now a shortage of IPv4 addresses, it is also possible to lease IPv4 addresses from third parties. There are Geo IP databases which actively update all geo ip data such as the MaxMind database or IP2location, with Geo WHOIS it is possible to list such IP WHOIS information quite easily. You can use Geo WHOIS to test if a WHOIS is correct or if you would like to quickly look up an IP address. There are other ways to find out the geographical location of an IPv4 or IPv6 domain, the tools are mainly UNIX based. You can use commands such as traceroute or dig in order to find out the IP address of a particular domain. Geo WHOIS is able to provide you with the queried IP address, the ISP, Organization and ASN which stands for Autonomous System Number, using which you can also identify a specific internet service provider as well as the peering which they are connected to. Furthermore Geo WHOIS obviously identifies the country as well as the Flag, City, Region, Time Zone and ZIP code.